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PostPartum Support for Parents & Baby.




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Our Services


At CaroCare, we believe new parents and babies deserve equal amounts of love

and attention in the fourth trimester.

Our program of care anticipates your needs and delivers on-demand, in-home and remote care from our curated network of experienced providers.

Insurance reimbursement offered where applicable


Registered Nurses

With Labor and Delivery and Postpartum experience

Lactation Consultants

Insurance reimbursement offered where applicable

Post Partum Doulas

Newborn Care Specialists

Therapy & Mental Health Support

Physical Therapy

Insurance reimbursement offered where applicable

Why CaroCare?

We are hardworking women. Generous friends. Loving partners. Future mothers. Passionate about bringing our whole selves to everything that we do. 

Stephanie and Karina met at MIT Sloan, and quickly bonded over a shared love of entrepreneurship, healthcare and active lifestyles. With many of their friends having babies, they were shocked to realize how completely life changing and transformational the experience new parenthood could be - mentally and emotionally. 

While a ton of help exists before baby is born, much of that support is absent in the postpartum period. Without family nearby to pitch in, new parents are forced to scramble to pull together the health care they need when they should be enjoying this new time together. The experience can be stressful, confusing and expensive. We want something better. We expect more. And with that, an idea was born: CaroCare.

Parenthood is tough.
Let us take care of you.


The CaroCare Program Includes:

  • At-home visit from a registered nurse within first week of birth

  • Daily remote check-ins with registered nurse

  • One (or more) lactation consultant visit, as needed 

  • In-home or remote visits with a variety of specialists based on your unique care needs, delivered at cost

  • No fee initial trial

  • Monthly payment structure

  • Coordination with your insurer

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